R&D for the Green Economy Database (ReDGE)

You have been identified as an expert doing research and development (R&D) related to the Green Economy. Funded by the Western Cape Government, GreenCape is building a database of experts doing Green Economy related R&D. The ReDGE database will be available as a resource to government, industry and researchers to promote collaboration.  It will be hosted online on the GreenCape's website and on the 110% Green website as a downloadable excel file. Launch date is expected to be March 2018. If you have any queries related to this database, please contact Lauren Basson (lauren@greencape.co.za) with ReDGE in the subject line.

Please assist by entering your details below, being as comprehensive and as specific as possible, and by forwarding this link (http://eepurl.com/c7Jwvf) to any other researchers that you think should be in the database.
We hope that ReDGE opens many new opportunities for you and your team!
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Use key words seperated by commas eg: Life Cycle Assessments, Systems Dynamics Modelling, Cost Benefit Analysis. (This field will be used to find people with required skills so be as comprehensive as possible)